A Project-Driven Organization

The Elephant Action League is a slim and bureaucracy-free project-driven organization.

We consider our financial contributes to the field projects as ‘investments’, and we put a lot of care in using the funds efficiently and in avoiding any waste of money. We are influenced by our business background. We invest in projects, we expect results (‘profits’), we look for growth and we don’t like to throw away money (‘investments’).

Our work is based on concrete projects that are carefully chosen, supported and nurtured. We’re interested in launching projects and supporting organizations that can grow and possibly work in synergy with other activities.

This is why we are often in the field with the people and the partner organizations, chasing wildlife traffickers, collecting confidential information, training rangers, conducting investigations in very complex scenarios.

The strategic goals are achieved through the launch and completion of different simultaneous projects/campaigns managed by the people with the most appropriate skills.

EAL - elephant anti-poaching in GabonCooperation with other organizations

What EAL does NOT want to do is to interfere in any way with the activities of other NGOs or to overlap with the good work already done by several organizations operating locally or internationally.

EAL’s wish is to actually partner with the organizations that share our principles and values, support their important work when possible and leverage their precious experience, in order to form a stronger and wider ‘front’, produce a more coherent and powerful global message and launch joint local/global initiatives.

We believe in a global teamwork and in concerted activities of a cohesive international working group.

Photo: Survey in Gabon (photo credit: Elephant Action League)