Communication & Awareness

Communication & Awareness are crucial in fulfilling our Mission and reaching our Goals.

From this point of view we are a sort of action-oriented Public Relations & Crisis Communication firm with only one client: the Elephant (actually Wildlife).

Elephant Action League - If You Buy Ivory You Kill People - Ivory & TerrorismWe inform the general public and we bring awareness about the extent of elephant’s exploitation, the tragedy caused by the ivory trade and the menace of wildlife crime and wildlife trafficking. We also strongly and firmly engage consumers of ivory, rhino horn and other wildlife products. We do so via global communications campaigns and creative grassroots activities, as well as via our website, social networks and a direct link with out supporters and donors.

We want to address society as a whole, not just wildlife lovers. We believe in a participatory approach, which directly involves those who have a stake in elephant & wildlife conservation, law enforcement and education. It’s not just about elephants, one of the most intelligent and emotional creatures on Earth, and the way they are exploited and abused worldwide. It’s also about people, the hard work in the field of wildlife agencies and the increasing loss of courageous self sacrificing rangers, the role of criminal syndicates and terrorist organizations in the trade of ivory and rhino horn, the difficult coexistence between farmers and elephants, the lack of knowledge, the “good” education of the tourists visiting national parks and the “bad education” of children attending circuses, the ethical and moral implications for the human kind in inflicting pain to the elephant, one of the most intelligent being on Earth.

Our creative team is developing new campaigns and grassroots activities in the West, Africa and Asia, when possible in collaboration with other NGOs. 

See here for more information on our communication and awareness activities.

Above all it’s about explaining that it’s not the arts, science, power or business that really set us apart as Human Beings, as the higher intelligence on Earth, but the curiosity to understand the other sophisticated ‘intelligences’ on the planet, such as elephants, apes and cetaceans, and the courage to love them as equals.   Andrea Crosta, Executive Director and Co-Founder of EAL.

Please help us in sharing our Vision.