The EAL’s Mission is to fight elephant exploitation and wildlife crime. 

These are the most important changes we are aiming at and for which we are constantly working for:

  • Improved national and international regulations on wildlife crime, with stiffer punishments;
  • Local and international laws enforced more and better, with more high-level poachers and traffickers caught and jailed;
  • An indefinite ban on the international and domestic ivory trade;
  • A better assessment of the tragic situation on the ground regarding widlife poaching and the collateral dramas, including the human toll of the ivory & rhino trade, with people getting killed and abused, poor villagers getting exploited and lured into crime, authorities getting corrupted and widows and orphans remaining behind this bloody criminal chain;
  • Much stronger communication and awareness campaigns, targeting in particular ivory and rhino horn consumers;
  • A successful re-positioning of elephants in people’s mind. Acknowledging the respect and care we should have for nature and all its creatures, nevertheless elephants are recognized as being among the most intelligent and emotionally complex non-human species and deserve a more careful and protective approach, in the wild and in captivity.

EAL pays particular attention in not duplicating the good work already done by numerous other organizations/NGOs and in not overlapping with their activities.
On the contrary EAL is trying to engage other selected organizations, support their important work when possible and leverage their precious experience, in order to create a common framework and to produce a more coherent and powerful global message about elephant & wildlife exploitation and the crucial importance of fighting wildlife crime.

Photo by Andrea Crosta