Communication & Awareness

Communication & Awareness are crucial in fulfilling our Mission.

The phenomenon of global environmental threats, and in particular wildlife crime, calls into question the extent to which individual state governments can properly deal with this complex issue.

Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are the missing link in this equation and crucial to achieve a global awareness that transcends the national political boundaries and facilitates a real collaboration between all the stakeholders. Enhancing communication efforts and engaging governments and the public opinion with facts and new points of view are among the most notewhorty functions of any NGO, and in particular of the Elephant Action League.

We believe in a participatory approach, which directly involves those who have a stake in wildlife conservation, law enforcement and education.

But it’s not just about wildlife and the way it is exploited worldwide. It’s also about people, the hard work in the field of individuals, nonprofit organizations and wildlife agencies. It’s also about the increasing loss of courageous self sacrificing rangers, the role of criminal syndicates and militias and terrorist organizations in the illegal wildlife trade.

Communication is also advocacy, which should always be at the core of any environmental organization for its central role in shaping public perceptions and working to influence public policy, in order to achieve positive and long lasting changes. EAL strives to always engage the stakeholders with courage and humility, to focus on concrete and effective activities and to remain independent and outspoken.



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Despite a growing number of communication & awareness campaigns to reduce demand for ivory, and given the scale of the problem, demand reduction initiatives have yet to demonstrate significant change on ivory consumers in Asia, especially in China. 

Whilst the impact of demand reduction initiatives are by necessity long term, they also require parallel strong initiatives to influence decades of wildlife utilisation practice which is entrenched in tradition, the legal system and the policies of a number of Asian Governments.

We believe that the past communication & awareness campaigns aimed at reducing demand for ivory have had little effect on ivory consumers. One of the reasons for this failure to achieve concrete results and influence the public opinion is that all these communication campaigns are based on elements such as the ecological importance of elephants, their beauty or their tragic death due to poaching, which are not really part of the Asian culture and values.

In other words these campaigns are mostly based on the campaigners Western culture and values and not on those of the target audience, especially, but not only, in China.


EAL thinks that we should expose ivory buyers and sellers to the full spectrum of their responsibilities and show them the whole reality behind the ivory trade.

These responsibilities include a very heavy Human Toll in Africa.

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