EAL in brief

The Elephant Action League (EAL) is a new independent organization with the Mission to fight wildlife crime through concrete, innovative and well-managed projects.

EAL is legally established in Los Angeles, California, with representatives in New York, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and Kenya. We are able to operate both in the field and in the more sophisticated and tricky world of global communication and advocacy.

We raise much needed money to fund specific, concrete projects on the ground that include anti-trafficking & anti-poaching activities, training for rangers/law enforcement, investigations on wildlife trafficking and the use on new technologies.

On February 2014 we launched WildLeaks, the first secure platform for wildlife and forest crime whistle-blowers.

The team of EAL was behind the first groundbreaking investigation on the links between the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab and the ivory trade (http://elephantleague.org/project/africas-white-gold-of-jihad-al-shabaab-and-conflict-ivory).

We also develop creative and strong global awareness campaigns in order to re-position wildlife exploitation in the public’s mind and to pressure consumers of ivory, rhino horn and other wildlife products.

While we believe it’s important to talk to everyone and to exchange thoughts also with people who don’t agree with us, we are not afraid to take strong stand against what is illegal, cruel, based on ignorance and ethically unacceptable.

The EAL’s team is very diverse and includes individuals with varied expertise, from wildlife conservation to business to security/investigation to communication to entrepreneurship. A unique blend of high-level professionals, with true networking power and the capacity to deliver.

We strive to be a generous movement and to support our partners and all the organizations that share our values and work towards the same goals.

But above all, we try to get humankind to evolve ethically. It is our strong belief that it’s not the arts, science, power or business that really set us apart as human beings, as the higher intelligence on Earth, but the curiosity to understand the other sophisticated ‘intelligences’ on the planet, such as elephants, apes or cetaceans, and the courage to love them as equals.  Andrea Crosta, co-founder and Executive Director of EAL.