We Fight Wildlife Crime

Rhino in South Africa - Elephant Action LeagueWildlife criminals devastate not only the wildlife and forests they target, they also threaten the lives of innocent people caught in the middle.

These tragedies are easy for Westerners to ignore, but wildlife crime has a global impact: effecting the planet’s ecosystem, economy, development and security. With governments and large NGOs unwilling to wade into politically turbulent waters, the burden to stop wildlife criminals rests on the shoulders of independent organizations and committed people.

There are too many places where criminals flourish; unhindered and unpunished, enriching themselves at the expense of the world around them. This evil cannot be hoped away; these crimes will not be eradicated only by awareness.

Though still outnumbered by organized criminal organizations and corrupt government officials, people are rising up against these criminals. Brave men and women are in the middle of the conflict, often risking their lives to defend the powerless. Other trained operatives are fighting through intelligence gathering, sting operations and political back channels. Not all of these soldiers fight with guns (though some do), but they are soldiers in the most real sense.

Elephant Action League is in the middle of this war, fighting criminals, protecting the innocent and empowering others to bring an end to wildlife crime.