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Senegal, Illegal trade and application of the Wildlife Law

Illegal trade and application of the Wildlife Law – Two ivory traffickers arrested and sentenced in Dakar (Sénégal) iGFM June 6, 2014 It’s done. The State of Senegal has enacted a penalty (sanctioned) for the first time, for the illegal trade of protected species. The country thus is launching a battle (fight) against transnational organized crime. On Tuesday, May 20, 2014, when […]

Notorious big trafficker finally arrested in Guinea

21st March 2014 From our Partner GALF/WARA in Guinea Conakry Good news in the ” OUSMANE DIALLO SAGA,” Diallo was arrested on Friday March 21, at night during an operation of NCB Interpol Conakry and GALF, after that our investigators had located him. Diallo, the notorious trafficker who admitted to have sold more than 500 […]

Howard G. Buffett Foundation donates over $23M to fight poaching

The Howard G. Buffett Foundation has donated over $23M (R255-million) to fight poaching in the Kruger National Park. The joint fund – between the American Howard G. Buffett Foundation, South African Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and SANParks – would be used to fight rhino poaching in the park, SANParks said in a statement. The money […]

Wildlife Crime Whistleblowers: Exclusive Interview with WildLeaks Founder Andrea Crosta

On February 7, 2014, Andrea Crosta announced the launch of WildLeaks, a non-profit collaborative project that allows for the secure and confidential receipt and assessment of information and tips related to wildlife and forest crimes. This new high-tech ally in the fight against poaching and wildlife crime has generated considerable media buzz, and WildLeaks has […]

Sri Lanka, tourism pushes the illegal capture and trade of wild elephants

Species Conservation Centre chairman Pubudu Weeraratne said that the Sri Lankan elephants were in crisis due to the well organized, illegal trade conducted with the support of some politicians of this country. He claimed that there was a group of people who caught wild elephants and sold them at a huge price. ‘They are earning […]

WildLeaks, a very successful launch

Two weeks after its launch, WildLeaks, the first secure platform for wildlife and forest crime whistleblowers, is receiving dozens of leaks, tips and information from all over the world. WildLeaks, Fighting Back.

WildLeaks – the first, secure, online whistleblower platform dedicated to Wildlife Crime – Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:   WildLeaks – the first, secure, online whistleblower platform dedicated to Wildlife Crime   A group of organizations headed by the California based Elephant Action League and focused on fighting wildlife and forest crime has launched the first state-of-the-art secure platform to submit tips and information Los Angeles and London, […]

Break the Link Between Terrorist Funding and Poaching

BREAK THE LINK BETWEEN TERRORIST FUNDING AND POACHING The Washington Post, 1st February By Johan Bergenas and Monica Medina Johan Bergenas is deputy director of the Managing Across Boundaries Initiative at the Stimson Center, a nonprofit and nonpartisan think tank that studies peace and security challenges around the world. Monica Medina is a former special assistant […]

India: Elephant Poaching, Ivory and Terrorism. Not only in Africa…

Times of India KOLKATA: An undercover probe revealed recently that Somali group al-Shabaab, which took responsibility for the Nairobi mall carnage last September, uses proceeds from the illegal ivory trade to fund its terrorist operations. Investigation sponsored by the Los Angeles based Elephant Action League tracked the money trail connecting elephants massacred in Kenya to ivory buyers in Asia through this group, whose returns from the trade are so high […]

Huge Ivory Haul Seized in Togo

Police in Togo have arrested three men after finding nearly two tons of ivory in a container destined for Vietnam. Two of the suspects are from Togo and the other is Vietnamese. Conservationists say the West African country is a transit point for illegal ivory between Central Africa and Asia. Despite a global ban on the […]