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WildLeaks, new (sanitized) leak released to the public

LEAK COUNTRY/REGION: Mozambique/South Africa TOPIC: Illegal trophy hunting of lions and leopards Corruption and bribery still allow illegal use of baits to lure lions and leopards from the Kruger National Park into Mozambique. Scouts pull decomposing meat along the border in the Kruger and pull it back into Mozambique, then pull the meat up to […]

Dr. Jane Goodall Wishes Success to Elephant Action League

During my years in Africa studying chimpanzees, I have also been privileged to spend time with other amazing wild animals, particularly elephants. It is shocking and tragic that these wonderful, intelligent and highly social animals, along with rhinos and other endangered species, are being slaughtered for their tusks, horns, skins and so on. I salute […]

Malaysia’s ivory seizures cover up continues

…Compounding matters is the secrecy surrounding the 2,000 or more confiscated elephant tusks Perhilitan and the NRE (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) have stashed away somewhere. These government officials have done nothing to disprove rumours that some of the ivory while in government custody, has been sold off or given away to powerful people. […]

WANTED Feisal Mohamed Ali – For Ivory Traffick in Kenya

WANTED Feisal Mohamed Ali For ivory trafficking in Kenya – Please help: Charges: Dealing in wildlife trophies contrary to section 84(1) as read with section 92 of the wildlife conservation and management Act No. of 2014 laws of Kenya Interpol Red Notice here:

Egypt’s ivory sellers thrive as police turn a blind eye

Tucked away in a back alley, up a crumbling staircase, is Abu Mohamed’s workshop, where he carves and sells illegal ivory goods in the heart of Cairo’s historic bazaar. “It’s the best quality from Kenya,” he said, brandishing an elephant tusk intricately inscribed with Quranic verses. Behind him, dusty glass cabinets are bursting with ivory […]

Breaking: WildLeaks releases first (sanitized) leak to the public

LEAK Country/Region: Eastern Africa Topic: Ivory traffic Prominent politician involved in multi-country ivory traffic. Government building apparently used in a few occasions to temporarily store and hide the ivory. Subject allegedly involved also in drug trafficking and in protecting other traffickers. Confirmed by multiple sources (to WildLeaks). Status: Ongoing Preliminary findings shared with an international […]

South Africa, bail application revealed intricate details on rhino poaching

South Africa, bail application of a suspected rhino poaching syndicate has revealed intricate details of what goes on behind the slaughter of the animals. The 10 accused are believed to have conducted an intricate operation in which they had a specialized pilot who flew them around game reserves where they killed the protected species. They […]

Ivory tusk smugglers caught at Dubai airport

Two transit passengers caught with pieces of elephant tusk in luggage Dubai Airport Security caught two Asian passengers who had 16 pieces of African elephant tusk in their luggage. The two travelers were coming from Africa on their way back to their home country through Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3, where security found the ivory […]

WildLeaks’ founder at the Open Development Camp, Amsterdam

Open Development Camp 2014 in Amsterdam – Friday October 10th A presentation of WildLeaks. Meet the founder. Join us at #ODC14 to explore: – How (and even if) open works to empower local communities; – How to overcome challenges and stay away from the dark sides of open; – How open should be anchored in […]

Mozambique elephants obliterated

A year-long investigation has exposed official complicity in slaughter for the ivory trade. By WildLeaks’s partner the Oxpeckers Centre for Investigative Environmental Journalism. The poaching networks on the ground consist of armed hunters: Mozambicans, Tanzanians and Somalis with high-calibre weapons. They smuggle their illegal proceeds through Mozambican ports, airports and borders, destined mainly for China […]