Our Mission

The EAL’s Mission is to fight wildlife crime through Concrete, Innovative and Collaborative projects.

Guided by our Mission we raise much needed money to launch and support concrete field projects in Africa and Asia, always trying to bring benefits to both wildlife and people.

Communication & Advocacy are also integral parts of our activities. We work to Cast a blaring headlight on elephants and wildlife’ exploitation worldwide, on the tragic slaughter that is taking place because of the ivory trade and on the associated human toll, with people dying defending elephants and other endangered species; Engage in a meaningful and constructive dialogue with the appropriate stakeholders in the West and in the East in order to Change the way we protect wildlife and the current culture that calls for ivory, rhino horns and other wildlife products as a luxury, a status symbol or a drug.

Elephant’s Orphanage in Lusaka, Zambia, co-funded by the David Shepherd Wildlife Trust Photo: Nirmala Hoogendoorn